hi blog

I’ve been “blogging” in some form or another since the days of Geocities and Neopets. Social media exploded right in sync with my own coming-of-age. Oversharing on the internet runs deep in my veins.

We’re supposed to feel silly about it. And I do! I cringe hard thinking back to my early MySpace bulletin posts, with only the deepest song lyrics and artsiest webcam selfies of course. But I actually think it’s pretty cool that we were trying to reach out and create things and make connections. Humans have been doing these kinds of thing since… ever.

Also, a surprising amount of actual opportunity has come from my years of writing on the internet. Community, friendships (even a few of the kind you’d fly across the country for), internships, jobs. I’ve learned that the world is bigger than I thought and smaller than it seems. And I’ll always believe that formulating ideas and stories in writing is a valuable outlet for anyone.

So hi! I want to blog again. I hope I can make this a nice place to be.


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