taking stock

I haven’t written here in awhile! Here are some things that have been going on lately.

The weather is getting warm and the sun is staying out later and it’s making me happy. I love the changing of the seasons. It’s also got me reminiscing on last summer in SLC which was such a warm and happy and special time in my life.

I’m doing the Wasatch Back Ragnar (a 200-mile relay race and van-camping weekend) next weekend for the third year. Every year I get to the end of that weekend, dead-tired and battered, and swear I’ll never do it again. But it’s so so fun and I think I’d miss it if I didn’t do it. It’s sort of a personal tradition at this point. When else do you get to run on mountain roads in the dead middle of the night while still feeling sorta safe and supported?

The biggest thing happening lately is that I am moving! I’m staying in Utah but actually going to the Heber Valley area. I have loved living in downtown SLC for the past year, but I’m ready to try out the Wasatch Back.

the view from my new deck! (this was back in march when it was still mostly dead, but it’s super green now)

I’ve been vegetarian for a year! I love plants!

Seth is selling his condo downtown and we’ve been fixing it up before he puts it on the market. Over the past couple months I have learned so much about home remodeling: prepping for painting, painting, patio flooring, knocking down (non-load-bearing) walls, patching drywall, installing sheetrock, cutting granite, managing contractors, installing sinks and faucets, tiling and grouting… dude it’s been illuminating and worthwhile and also exhausting. Seth is doing the vast majority of the work and I’m still drained. I’m ready for this to be over soon please! And the new house, luckily, doesn’t really need anything done to it right away, so I’ll be taking a good break from this stuff soon.

A couple months ago I took a monthlong social media break. I think that mindset was a really good thing for me, but I found that completely deleting my accounts made me feel disconnected; I missed out on knowing some important things happening in the lives of people I care about. I know it’d be nice to think that we all just text or call each other to catch up, but that doesn’t always happen now with announcements of life events happening on social media. So I compromised by making my account private, removing a bunch of followers I didn’t actually know in real life, and unfollowing a bunch of accounts. Now I’m finding I use it in a much more healthy way. Without all the extra “pretty” or “inspiring” posts showing up in my feed, it’s a lot less engaging and addictive.

I’ve been interested in meditation for the past 1.5 years or so, using the app “Headspace”, but it wasn’t until three months ago that I feel like I really started learning and experiencing the real effects of it. I randomly found this book, Meditation Without Gurus, at the library, and it ended up having a pretty big impact on me. I don’t think this book is extremely popular or “the definitive guide to meditation” or anything like that, but I just found it really approachable and straightforward. It talks about how a lot of people, when starting out with meditation, struggle with all these questions of “how should I meditate?” “what should I think about when I meditate?” “what should I be keeping in mind?” “who should I learn from?”, etc. And the simple answer is just that you don’t need anything fancy to learn how to meditate — the whole point is to do nothing, to think about nothing, to slip out of your ego, to step back from the concept of “I” and “me” and into the present world. It has had a really big impact on me, but it does take effort, and some days I’m better at it than others. I’d definitely recommend this book if it’s a topic you’re interested in.

sometimes i put almond milk in my coffee and it looks cool

I have this little book club that I’ve somehow managed to keep together (even if sometimes only three people show up haha). While it’s a really small aspect of my daily life, having a goal of at least one book every month is something that I’ve come to enjoy a lot. Last month, we read Educated by Tara Westover, and it ended up being my favorite book I’ve read all year. I devoured the whole book in a single day and it wasn’t a chore at all. Would def recommend. (P.S. if you’re around SLC, join my book club!)

I think the world of this dude.

My company did a retreat where everyone came and visited Utah! This was one of the small group activities, a space exploration simulation — basically Star Trek LARPing. I was the first officer and I gotta say we owned it.

I love getting together with my team in person. We go to restaurants and order a bunch of plates and pass them around family style and it’s always really memorable and joyful. This time we went to Finca in downtown SLC and had olives, roasted carrots with honey and ricotta, toasty earthy potatoes with spicy creamy sauce, garlic and sherry vinegar mushrooms, paella, and housemade sangria. Ahhhh it was one of the best meals I’ve had.

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