I just want to run trails and eat nectarines


On Saturday morning I ran a trail half marathon and I got home and showered and put on this stupid shirt and ate three nectarines.

Trail running is the best. It’s like hiking, but a little faster. There are hills to climb and branches to trip over, but nobody cares how fast you go and you can’t compare any two different routes anyway.

I’ve always always been a road runner, but I think I’m over it. It’s still fun but why would you choose repetitive pavement-pounding over bouncy rock-dodging and stream-hopping and pinecone-squishing? With super cool scenery all around you?

Other nice things that happened this weekend:

  • I bought a gaming laptop!
  • I walked to the movie theater and watched some short films from Sundance this year since I didn’t make it to the festival!
  • I had a frappuccino!
  • I made hash browns!
  • I hung out with a very beautiful poodle!
  • I went to a mexican restaurant and got a drink with a rubber ducky floating in it!



weekends in my city

A few times a week I get smacked in the face with real actual joy to be existing.

My typical weekdays are pretty good. I get to see the sun poke through my blinds every morning, go running, cook food, ride the train, write code, read books, pet my dog, work with great people. And then, on top of all that, every week for two days I don’t have to work and I can do absolutely anything I want. Weekends! They are marvelous and I don’t know why we are allowed to have them because isn’t life supposed to suck and be difficult?

(Oversimplifying here, of course life is hard sometimes, but honestly, those times are easy to forget during a late Saturday morning brunch while being served crispy hash browns by a hot tattooed waiter.)

Weekends in SLC are awesome. I can sleep in or wake up early and go running at Liberty Park. I can go to a museum or outdoor concert or on a motorcycle ride or pub crawl. I can run errands on my bicycle or catch a movie at the Broadway theater or clean the bathroom or practice drums or get my car washed or aimlessly walk around Costco. I can go to Caputo’s for a sandwich with the freshest mozzarella or Purgatory for fried cauliflower tacos. I can go rock climbing or hiking or river rafting. I can buy peas and bok choy from the farmer’s market and make a stir fry.

On Sunday I woke up wanting to be in water, and we decided on a tube float at the Weber river. I was picturing a relaxing activity for snacks and drinks and less-than-practical swimwear. In reality I ended up with a Pringles can full of river water, missing sunglasses, and a lot of scrapes and bruises. Falling into a rapid while trying to eat cubes of watermelon from a tupperware was terrifying and hilarious and I would definitely do it over again.

P.S. I took exactly zero photos this weekend, which is weird for me. Also, I recommend watching the movie The Big Sick. Laughed, cried, was charmed, 10/10.

power tools and a planter box


I bought some power tools: a drill (with bits!) and a jigsaw. A friend had offered to lend me his. I told him I just wanted to have my own. Also, maybe this is weird, but I thought it would be nice to be the one lending my drill to somebody else.

Sometimes, you want a certain thing, and then you find a way to make it. Other times, a vague need to make a thing happens, and then you have to figure out a thing to make without filling your house with useless garbage.

My tiny patio was empty and fresh herbs are always useful, so a planter box seemed like a good enough idea. I drew up some plans loosely based on these instructions and bought lumber from the Lowe’s where I bought my tools.

On a weeknight after work, a couple of friends watched and fed me pizza while I put it together inside my apartment. At first I was clumsy, but by the time I finished, I was fast at switching drill bits and confident with my high-speed saw (and also pretty sweaty). I celebrated my success by vacuuming little piles of sawdust from the corners of my cramped kitchen. A coat of sealant and a bag of soil later, the box was ready for my tomatoes and herbs.

I’ve never had such a good excuse to constantly make tomato basil pasta and mint mojitos. Which reminds me: this summer has kicked ass, to be honest. I’ve been in a funk for a long time, but this season has been so good and normal and easy and relieving. (I am sounding extremely eat pray love)

Also, this is the first time in my life I’ve successfully kept herbs alive for more than a few weeks. I can care for dogs and cats and even human children, but the daily water needs of a basil plant have, in the past, proven to be too high maintenance for me. This time I’ve been diligent. It’s probably because I don’t want dead plants in my pretty box.

hi blog

I’ve been “blogging” in some form or another since the days of Geocities and Neopets. Social media exploded right in sync with my own coming-of-age. Oversharing on the internet runs deep in my veins.

We’re supposed to feel silly about it. And I do! I cringe hard thinking back to my early MySpace bulletin posts, with only the deepest song lyrics and artsiest webcam selfies of course. But I actually think it’s pretty cool that we were trying to reach out and create things and make connections. Humans have been doing these kinds of thing since… ever.

Also, a surprising amount of actual opportunity has come from my years of writing on the internet. Community, friendships (even a few of the kind you’d fly across the country for), internships, jobs. I’ve learned that the world is bigger than I thought and smaller than it seems. And I’ll always believe that formulating ideas and stories in writing is a valuable outlet for anyone.

So hi! I want to blog again. I hope I can make this a nice place to be.